Forms & Templates

For business and private contracts alike, paperwork must be correctly formatted and regulated. If you are not sure of the regulations or buying your first car, this process can cost time and effort. The potential uses of such forms are almost boundless. We have prepared a number of documents concerning vehicle ownership as well as checklists and drafts for your use.

Purchase & sale of used cars

In the contract for the purchase of a used car you will find all the important information you need to consider. This includes not only information about the parties and vehicles involved, but also guarantee explanations, agreements and conditions of receipt. Additionally, you can refer to checklists which you should work through when buying a used vehicle. If you have arranged a test drive, this is an ideal opportunity to check the quality and condition of the car, as well as to experience the drive.

Insert your listing correctly

You want to sell your vehicle and get the best price? Here you will find helpful tips for vehicle sales: Listing, finding prices and chances of sale.

Tips for good car photos

The adverts with the best chance of generating sales are those with top quality photos. shows you how to optimally present your vehicle to potential buyers.

Applications for vehicle owners

Here you will also find the written procedure and documents necessary for the vehicle registration or sales office. Should you need to cancel your vehicle insurance or want to issue a legal mandate, we provide suggestions and draft documents for your use.

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