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Welcome to, the European car portal. Save money with cheap prices on your dream car, whether new, used or even rental or demonstration vehicles. features all the top car manufacturers from around the world, so why not take a look through the site and see for yourself! Even for less well known brands and manufacturers, there is a full array of cars and other vehicles available.

If you are looking for a VW, whether as a new car or a second hand car, is the right place to start and end your search! The wide range of dealers on the site are sure to have the perfect offer for your needs, whichever vehicle type you are looking for. The perfect choice for families may be a van or people carrier, while singles might prefer a Coupé or a small car. If you already own a vehicle, will soon be offering a full range of vehicle accessories, car parts and other replacement parts for VW.

The name Mercedes-Benz is a sign of quality and design. Those looking to afford themselves some extra luxury or a touch of style and class are recommended to consider a Mercedes-Benz. The brand also holds a strong appeal for those more concerned with quality and safety than the famous image and status. Those looking for a safe car with quality parts cannot go wrong with Mercedes-Benz. Almost all Mercedes-Benz models feature assistance systems such as ABS, ESP, dynamic curve lighting or electronic parking aid as standard.

BMW owners are rewarded with smooth, comfortable driving. Based on the principles of top quality and design, BMW has become a German export success story. If you are not looking for a new car, at you can also find nearly new cars, a BMW with day registration or a re-imported car. Perhaps you are looking for a stylish classic car? We have the offers, you have the choice. Whether you are looking for medium class, upper medium class or luxury class, at you will find all available vehicle classes.

Former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder was one of the most famous Audi fans, insisting on use of the Bavarian cars as official state vehicles. Most experts agree that this was a fine choice. Audi Avant, Audi Cabrio or Audi sports cars are all popular customer search requests. Alongside the comfortable, high quality vehicles of the luxury class, the manufacturer also offers a number of cars for the middle price segment. These and more are all available on What features and accessories should your new car have? Maybe you prefer independent heating or need a high beam assistant? Why not both? Use the car customiser to configure your dream car.

At you can find the whole Opel (Vauxhall) range, including both new and used vehicles. Use the practical and convenient search function to take a step closer to finding your dream car. When you find the right offer for you, you can simply contact the dealer online. They will be happy to answer any questions you may have, whether about the gears, the performance or the emission class of the vehicle on offer. If you are looking for a brand new car, you can also inform yourself about new car financing or car insurance.

If you are a satisfied Ford driver or one of the many fans of this leading American manufacturer, you will want to take a look at our wide range of offers. The variety of handlers registered with us are sure to have a perfect car for your tastes and needs. If you are not only looking for a vehicle, you can also browse a wide range of information covering topics such as roof racks, climatronic systems or xenon lights.

If you are searching for the environmentally friendly car of tomorrow, browse for the latest models from Toyota. Toyota is one of the leading manufacturers in terms of development of alternative power such as natural gas, biodiesel or electric drive. With such cars you are sure to receive the green environment badge, as the new Toyota models are produced to comply with the climate protection legislation behind European emission class Euro 5.

Looking for a new Renault with the latest extras and accessories or a used model in your favourite colour? Using, you can search for your desired criteria and find the perfect offer from the filtered results. With the search function you can simply and easily choose the extras such as trailer coupling, parking aid or air conditioning you want your new Renault to have.

Peugeot fans can use to get an overview of the offers available from France’s famous car manufacturer. With their expanding range of options, there is a Peugeot model for every class of car. With that diversity, you can browse everything from an estate or an off road vehicle right through to utility vehicles. All the best and latest features are also available - cruise control, high beam assistant or an electronic immobiliser are often included even in the basic models.

If you are a satisfied driver or a fan of Japanese cars and design, you are sure to be interested in the wide range of offers available from Honda on Amongst the variety of models on offer you will find not only new cars but also Honda used cars. If you are browsing for certain features and equipment, simply search using your own criteria and find the perfect models for your needs. Many Honda models are available in 3 door, 4 door or 5 door form. Take a look and see what you can find!

For safety reasons, almost no part of the car is more important than the tyres. Only with the right tyres can you be sure to be in complete control during rainy weather or in dangerous situations and conditions. Manufacturers of branded tyres such as Dunlop, Bridgestone, Continental or Goodyear continually improve the quality of their products by adapting to new materials and the latest research. The nature and quality of the road is also an important consideration.
For this reason, there are summer tyres and winter tyres which are adapted to the seasonal demands of heat, ice and snow. An alternative for those who live in more temperate areas or do not want to change their tyres in spring and autumn is all weather tyres. Motorbike tyres are characterised by their lack of a flat bearing face, as only a smaller part of their surface is in contact with the asphalt. Tyres with running flat properties are a commodity most drivers first come to appreciate after their first puncture, as they do not collapse or deflate. The drive to the next workshop is then simply and easily achieved without having to switch to the spare tyre.

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